5 Advantages Kurma as food for Flood Victims

Flooding remains unresolved. Kelantan paralyzed. Terengganu, Pahang waiting time. Even many areas already flooded.

Food is running. Even in some places, the flood victims had not seen food for 2-3 days. Listen to stories which have already died.

Donations for flood victims

Alhamdulillah. Help droves donated without fail. Are mainly clothes and dry food. Malaysians are concerned. Hopefully the contributions congratulations to those in need.

But people rarely donate fruit Kurma for flood victims. While Kurma is a very appropriate food for the flood victims.


Advantage in fruit Kurma:


Kurma can be durable. Not only it lasts a few days, even a year the fruit is still edible. It is ideal in situations such as floods now

Easy to store

No need for a special place to be stored. Let alone the fruit is in the box. Eat when needed.

Many nutrients

Very many nutrients found in this fruit, which became a reference in the Al-Quran.

Easy to be carried

The fruit is happy to take because it is packaged in a box. It’s easy to be repackaged if purchased in large quantities. The box is usually small and can fit in the vehicle with ease.

The price is not too expensive

The price is not too expensive and worth the advantages that can be given to the flood victims.

The food Sunnah

This fruit is called sunnah food clearly in the Quran.

There is definitely a great nutrients in this fruit. Maryam simply eat the fruit during pregnancy Kurma Jesus.

Many hadith that the Prophet recommend ummatnya to take a date, especially when hungry like the breaking of fast.


This flood is said to be among the most devastating since many years ago.

Not a bit of damage in terms of both property and life has produced. Allhuakbar! Awesome power of God shown to His servants.

Oh wait patiently flood victims. In every disaster that occurred there must have been a great wisdom behind it is huge. May we all be steadfast and patient withstood the test of God. Hämeen.