Attractions of two caves

Compared Phuket or Krabi, Trang name generally not well-known among foreign tourists despite its position close to both tourist locations that option. However, the region located in southern Thailand has its privileges remain to be explored.


Like many areas in southern Thailand, Trang uniqueness of course on the coast, islands and blue-green ocean. Trang beach overlooking the Andaman Sea so interesting to be considered among the beautiful coastal areas in the region.

Trang also among the most important ports in southern Thailand or near to hatyai and according to legend, the name of the region also have to do with its function as a port.

According to the story, this port is often visited by foreign vessels in the morning light, thus giving it the name Trang derived from the Malay word meaning bright. This region also originally part of the Empire of old and exists more than 900 years ago.

However, only during the reign of King Rama II, the area was recognized and received its first governor. The first Westerner to set foot here is Captain James Low in 1838 visiting for business activities.

In this area too, the first rubber cultivation area was opened in Thailand after being brought home by the Governor Phraya Ratsadanupradit bhison Wongchalerm of Malaysia in 1899.

A visit to Trang, recently gave an opportunity to authors enjoy the breeze on the beach Pak Meng language that is also frequented the local community holiday.

In addition to swimming and playing water activities including banana boat, writers and other media partners can also enjoy views of the ocean filled 46 large and small islands in the vicinity.

We had a boat and stopped at Mook Island which houses Cave Morakot or Emerald Cave also known. Interestingly, the only way to get to this cave is by swimming across the entrance of water within about 80 meters. This route is only passable when the water level receded.

Upon arrival, writers and media partners ready to wear life jackets jumped into the water and swam to the cave entrance. Before that, we were greeted presence of various species of fish that are clearly visible from the surface of the sea water is very clear.

The atmosphere inside the entrance to the cave is very dark, so we need a mutual holding each other’s shoulders and according to the guidelines given in guide. Had looked back near the entrance Morakot, can be seen bright green color of the water due to refraction of sunlight, one of the reasons this cave called emerald (emerald).

The farther we swam, light at the end of the route began tapped. Finally we can set foot on the beach besieged in this Morakot Cave. The interior of the cave is not great and it was open. So, while soaking in the water, you can look into the clear blue sky.

If Morakot Cave is located in the middle of the ocean, another cave on the mainland is also interesting to visit. It is called Khao Kob offering different exploration experience to visitors. Although located on the mainland, this cave area is drained river water and to enter into it, get a sampan.

There are various forms of stalagmites and stalactites that resemble various objects and living things, there looks like a baby elephant and couches, there is also no change like the spine of a dragon. Due to space in the cave there are drainage, some routes require visitors bowed his head to avoid contact with the cave ceiling so low.

More challenging is the way out because the route about 350 meters towards the exit not only require visitors to submit, but there were times when lying straight in the boat because the distance between the boat and the ceiling of the cave was not until a neck.

Both authors take a waterman who earlier warned us not to move when lying down to avoid injury or canoe overturned. A driver refused to drive the boat cave ceiling while another shining path.

Once again the world looks outside and ride to the mainland, then the feeling that we were nervous, relieved exchange. The farther sampan rowed, eyes staring timeless natural beauty not left behind shrinking so that did not appear.

Fall day to leave, we leave Trang Province, but the unique experience of exploring the natural wonders of the respective two sculpted definitely strong in memory. Until now, the mind still reminisce Trang.


* Measuring approximately 5,000 square kilometers

* Also called Muang Thap Thiang

* Bordered Region Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung and Satun Trang Province