Budget type of holiday

Budget for accommodation and transportation are among the observed while making the budget before traveling.

However, many do not realize the budget for food during the trip should also be provided.


This is because, without a budget for food, it can affect your spending during the holidays.

If staying in a hotel, breakfast is available and you just need to spend on lunch and dinner.

Wherever your destination, feel the taste of local cuisine is something that can not be denied without realizing that your expenses are already affected.

Therefore, this time traveling tip may help you save on eating during the holidays but still be able to enjoy a delicious meal wherever you are on vacation.

* Set Price

Set the expenses that you removed. You can set your daily meal expenses.

For example, RM50 throughout the day. With breakfast at the hotel, lunch at a food stall you can already eat in a fancy restaurant for dinner the original budget does not exceed what is provided.

Provide budget to buy a snack between breakfast and lunch, and dinner.

* Cash

Prepare cash in accordance with the daily budget for organizing your finances every day for lunch.

Know the price of food that you want to enjoy. It is better you know the average prices of food and drink in the place you want to go.

With it, you can allocate the budget to eat and drink all day without disturbing the budget for other things.

* Drink

Also make sure you have the budget for a drink during the holidays. If you are a fan of coffee, of course drink coffee anywhere you are a requirement.

Besides enjoying a coffee in a restaurant or café around your vacation destination, bringing coffee in the package is among the best path for you coffee lovers.

In addition to enjoying your favorite coffee, your expenses can also be saved.

* Food Supply

We are aware of food at the airport a little expensive compared to outside. Similarly, the price of food in flight.

Low cost airlines usually do not provide in-flight food and you should buy if you want to eat.

Therefore, before leaving for your destination, it is better to buy a supply of food for you while waiting for a flight, in-flight and may also supply during their stay in a vacation destination.

Indirectly, you can save your shopping and do not need to buy expensive food.

* Eat at Luxury?

No one enjoyed a delicious meal at a price that is a little expensive when on vacation. More holiday with their loved ones.

With a posh restaurant atmosphere more romantic, he certainly left wonderful memories for you and your partner.

However, the budget for the meal to be scrutinized. Once or twice it was possible but not every day.

* Requirements unexpected

Add 10 per cent of the total budget for food.

This addition to the need to buy food if there is a problem that can not be avoided.

For example, you wake up late and did not have time for breakfast at the hotel. In addition, you will probably have dinner in a fancy restaurant but the budget allocated is not enough.