Factors tourist attraction in Malaysia

Malaysia became the choice of overseas tourists to come to the homeland and way of life and see the beautiful scenery found in Malaysia.


Various alternatives have been taken to ensure that Malaysia has always been the preferred choice of visitors from overseas. There are a variety of factors, a major tourist attraction in Malaysia, namely:
1. Has multiculturalism
Given Malaysia consists of many different races and languages such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Economics, Iban and more, it is the main attraction of foreign visitors coming to Malaysia. This is because visitors can see the culture of different nations. For example, they have the opportunity to see dance Malays, Chinese and Indians, who each have a different kind of way and when doing presentations.

2. A Beautiful View
Malaysia has many interesting sites to visit. Among the attractive and popular locations in Malaysia and Cameron Highlands and Genting Highland. The area has a view of the beautiful natural environment. Each state in Malaysia has its attractions themselves. Therefore, it will attract visitors to come to the desired state

3. The islands attract
Malaysia also has many scenic islands. Water and scenic beauty of the island fascinate tourists coming to Malaysia. Among the islands that attract tourists is Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Sipadan, Tabor Manukan, Pulau Tioman and more. Visitors definitely satisfied with the views they get. Furthermore, the island is very beautiful and clean. Therefore, it is suitable for recreational activities, bathing, snorkeling and so on.

4. Various meals
As Malaysians have various different nations undoubtedly Malaysia also has a variety of different foods. It’s become a tourist attraction for tourists the chance to sample some tasty and delicious food that can only be obtained in this country. Among the popular food is Nasi Lemak, Nasi, soup and chili paste. In addition, each state has its own food like the famous Rajasthan with crackers Lekor while Sabah is famous food and Amplang am the Lord.