Let’s travel to Labuan Island


Labuan Island, known as the Federal Territory of Labuan is famous for its duty-free area. Thus, visitors can buy goods at low prices like chocolate. The following is an attractive location contained in Labuan.

1. Labuan International Sports Complex
Labuan International Sports Complex, better known as the Waterpark is an ideal place to hold activities such as picnics or picnic. The location is also close to the city, so visitors easy access to the complex. Typically, the location will serve as a venue for water sports festival in which various activities terentu do like kayaking, tug of war and so on.

2. Botanical Garden
Rekrekasi Botanical Garden is a peaceful park visitors. Before turned into a park, it is a royal house built on site in 1852. Visitors to the Botanical Garden can see the beauty of lush greenery and beautiful landscape. Furthermore, there is no charge for admission to the Botanical Garden.

3. Labuan Museum
Labuan Museum is the third museum founded in Labuan where it was opened in 2004. Labuan Museum has a two-level architecture and historical fiction is fiction occupation before the war. The ground floor of the museum is a historic exhibition in Labuan and on the level of socio-cultural and economic mempanerkan available in Labuan.

4. Labuan Marine Museum
Marine Museum is located close to urban locations. The purpose of the museum is to observe marine heritage. Furthermore design is very beautiful museum and attract visitors to come to the museum. Visitors can see a variety of fish species such as butterfly fish, angel fish, damsels, wrasses, eels and poisonous fish. The museum is two floors and various exhibitions that can be seen in the museum.

5. Labuan Bird Park
Bird Park is located near Chimney in this hilltop. Landkap Bird Park is very pretty and various species can be seen when entering into a dome-shaped cage. The bird park to collect some of the 580 bird species found in Borneo. Visitors can come to Labuan Bird Park, open every day except Friday.