Manners Eating for Chinese Community

While the Chinese use chopsticks is when they want to eat, but they will not occasionally hitting / knocking, make a noise, draw attention or make gestures sticks this dimangkuk their food while eating. Why? This is because the behavior is usually done by a person who holds a beggar only. For those playing with wooden chopsticks is one of the most barbaric behavior.

Do not use tongs to remove the dishes.

Often, chopsticks are not used to stab-stab food, except pierced-fought larger food such as vegetables and kimchi. Sometimes, things are small and difficult withheld as fish balls can be stabbed, but this was not accepted by the traditionalists.

Tweezers can be placed on top of dishes horizontally so as not to touch the table. In addition, Hashioka (layout tool claw) is also used to keep the ends of the table surface.

Chopsticks should be placed upright in a bowl of rice or other food. Any rod-shaped objects such as enforced upward resembles joss sticks used for worship to family members who mennggal world; some funeral determine the course offerings to the deceased, using chopsticks upright.

Avoid eating of tongs both ends unequal, because this is like the Chinese proverb “three long and two short” meaning death.