Traveling to Perak


Perak has many beautiful and interesting places that visitors come from all over the country and world. Here are some interesting locations to be visited when in Perak:

1. Cave shell (Gua Tempurung)
Attractive location is Tempurungdi Cave where he is a limestone cave located in Gopeng. The cave consists of five large domes and similar ceiling like a coconut shell. In addition, the Gua shells believed to have existed since 8000 years ago and long gu atersebut reach up to 1.9 kilometers. As before, this cave was a tin mining.

2. Sungai Klah Hot Springs
The location is very beautiful because it is surrounded by hills and mountains and it’s not a very unique attractions. Visitors will be delighted to be satisfied for the opportunity to heat the pool water bath while sipping fresh air and beautiful scenery.

3. Herb Garden Perak
Location Herb Garden is located in Pulaugadang which has an area of 22 hectares. There are 525 species available in the Perak State Herb Garden. Among the popular species of herbs is a cat whiskers, Fatimah and turmeric seperantu incisors. Furthermore, the garden is very pretty and reconcile the hearts of visitors.

4. Taiping Zoo
Location Taiping Zoo is located near the foot of Bukit Larut. The Zoo has its own uniqueness. It is also known as Sultan Idris Shah Birdlife Park. The Zoo is an area of over 8.5 hectares and has 1300 animals from 180 species. Among the animals that can be seen in the zoo is singah, hippopotamuses, deer, mast, tigers and more. There are plenting of taiping hotel which you can choose from if you are over night there.

5. Pulau Pangkor
Pulau Pangkor is located in Lumut where also famous for its handicrafts and snail collection. Tourists who want to go to Pulau Pangkor can catch ferries where it takes between 30 to 45 minutes to reach the destination. In addition, the island is a history from as Dutch Fortress which was built in the 17th century.

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