Unwind Yourself In Shell deli2go Can Avoid Accidents

Container Shipping

Built using a modified shipping container into an attractive kiosk, deli2go become a new attraction at Shell petrol stations throughout Malaysia.

So far there are 16 kiosks deli2go across the country and it will be added from time to time.

What is interesting

What is interesting with this kiosk is that road users do not need to go into the store to get food and select beverages. The kiosk is located outside the shop to facilitate road users select which stopped at Shell.

The existence of this little kiosk can contribute to the reduction of road accidents are caused by driver fatigue and sleepiness. It is because of drivers that fatigue can stop at any Shell petrol stations which are abundant throughout Malaysia to relieve fatigue and sleepiness.

Various types of food and drink


While resting, they can enjoy a wide selection of food at this kiosk. No hot food and drinks that can rejuvenate a tired like different kinds of bread and sandwich and hot coffee refreshing.

There are also various types of chocolate and cake and cold drinks. You can choose according to your taste. Appointments can freshen it to resume the journey.

At the launch of the latest contest Shell, Shell Win Free Fuel recent exploration or hot coffee to try this kiosk. It is refreshing! Can brighten the eyes are sleepy.

Because the day is like an open day, Explorations also take the opportunity to try a variety of chocolates including chocolate KitKat is all about discerning taste delicious.

Premium Bahasa Inggeris Fruitcake

But the most interesting for exploration is the fruit cake of Premium Bahasa Inggeris Fruitcake. Indeed, the best and filling.

As the name implies, this rich fruit cake with fruit. The texture is not destroyed when the bitten part, makes it more interesting than it tastes good.

The fruit cake is the food that you must try if stopped at this Kisoka. Believe me you will be satisfied with the taste and will find it again in the future.

So to drivers of both cars, heavy vehicles and even motorcycles, if you are looking for a place to take a break in your journey, you can consider this Kisoka.

Shell Contest Win Free Fuel

Reed stop in this kiosk, you can make your vehicle while filling oil Shell Win Free Fuel contest is still going on until March 15, 2015 this. How could you ever elected as one of three winners who will take home a prize of a year-long oil fields worth RM10,000.