Visit to Malaysia?

Malaysia to achieve a combination of Eastern culture and famous landscapes, both from Kuala Lumpur skyscraper, Malacca (Melaka) colonial architecture, Lantau Island to five (Pulau Besar island) palm fringed beaches, Cameron Highlands green rolling hills are full of vitality. Malaysia also has the best spa in the world, among them the Pangkor (Pangkor Laut Resort) private island well-known Village Spa.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s federal capital, is located in the center of the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. The total area of 243 square kilometers (94 square miles), about 35 km from the coast. Kuala Lumpur given the status of “city” in the February 1, 1972, Malaysia in 1974 was declared a Federal Territory.

The late 1800s, Kuala Lumpur, Klang and Gombak River area has been excavated to the tin, so many mining settlers began migrating to settle here. While in Kuala Lumpur tin trade has gradually decline, however, the development of the city still did not see the weakening trend. Today, it has over 150 million people, is the main artery of the entire country’s development. Kuala Lumpur on the development of the country in various fields, are in the leading position, which include: business and trade, banking and finance, manufacturing, transportation, technology and tourism Oration.

Malaysia Accommodation

Malaysia has various grades of accommodation, each one will be able to meet passenger demand. Kuala Lumpur and major cities are equipped with state compliance with international standards of the hotel, from simple 2-star to 5-star luxury, choice is yours. International hotel chains such as Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Hilton, Le Meridien, Westin, Shangri-La, Renaissance, Japan Airlines, Pan Pacific, such as Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur and other cities with all its subsidiary hotels. The cheapest hotels in Asia charges will bring you lots of surprises. Commodity taste travelers will find the hotel only to find unique Malaysian flavor and pure Malay traditional architectural style.

Tourists stay longer period, you can choose the hotel room in Kuala Lumpur apartment.

Malaysian cuisine

In Malaysia, the topic of people can not do without food; visitors can easily find out Malaysians enjoyed the pleasure of eating. At different times, choose a variety of different types of cuisine. Malaysia has the largest Asian species, different cultures and ways of cooking food. Eating out is a big adventure stomach. From the rich flavor of Malay cuisine, Chinese cuisine to hot pressing and spicy Indian cuisine, despite the selection. In addition, the unique Peranakan or Nonya (Nyonya) food, is the essence of fusion of Chinese and Malay cooking style.


Malay food commonly used home grown material. Coconut, chilli, lemongrass, grapefruit, spices and curry powder, is cooking fish, meat and vegetables are the basic material. Do not miss the famous Malaysian food – satay; it is a way of making the thick meat marinated in special ingredients to wear on bamboo charcoal grill, adding peanut butter dip food.


Chinese staple food is rice accompanied by meat or vegetables, there are a variety of different types of pasta and delicious combinations. Integration of North and South both cooking Indian cuisine, it is unique. A popular Indian Muslim food Nasi Kandar is a combination of fragrant rice curry sauce boiled chicken, cattle, sheep or fish.

In Sarawak, rice and meat is placed in the hollow column, then simmered in barbecue; Sabah’s specialty is preserved foods.

The famous local dishes including Roti Canai (Indian bread), is a kind of flour, knead into thin slices, then baked in the wok crispy pancakes. Plus do not forget to eat a cup of Teh Tarik (India pulled tea) tea from a cup by cup Taking into another, making it more creamy and delicious.

Malaysia is rich in different kinds of tropical fruits, seasonal and non-seasonal fruits are divided into two kinds. Mangosteen juicy white meat, taste sweet. Those who love adventure, it may try durian; strong odor, is the highest it has been called “the king of fruit” reason.

To experience more real Malaysian people, can eat in the open air food stalls. Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of cheap local food. There is a large television screens playing soccer small restaurant, and indeed attract many customers go to dine. Also known as Kopitiam coffee shop is also interesting place to dine. Wish to observe a variety of snacks or drinks selling carts.

The restaurant offers a particular Italy, France, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Middle Eastern cuisine, interesting food combinations make Malaysia more icing on the cake. Vegetarian restaurants can be found in the major cities, major suppliers of Chinese or Indian vegetarian food.

Visitors need to pay attention, Muslims can not eat pork ingredients Halal food (home to the Act), or only have labeled Halal restaurant. Muslims forbidden to eat pork and alcohol.

Visitors can tour the reference manual or the hotel’s manuals, to select the best eating places.