Waterfall at Hulu Langat

Hulu Langat is famous for its waterfalls and rivers for picnics and swimming spot. Among the famous places in the upstream yarns is Congkak River, Waterfall Sungai Gabai and waterfalls lepoh. Many who likes refreshing river in Sungai Gabai as beautiful waterfall. Many tourists who recognize this place and cause many are looking map (map), chalets and resorts around the Hulu Langat to stay. Accommodation or accommodation that is attractive to tourists in addition to a selection of food available there.


Sungai Gabai forest is ideal for those who love nature. If you do not know the road to Sungai Gabai, may make a search in Google for ‘Sungai Gabai google map’ or ‘Sungai Gabai location map’. It’s easy to get a map to Sungai Gabai. When there do not forget to take a picture or photo interesting.

Five attractive destination in Hulu Langat:

1.Air Sungai Gabai Falls

Located in Batu 21, Sungai Gabai Waterfall is based river Sungai Lui and dropping water jump as high as 100 feet into the pool at the foot of a series of jumps.

There are seven levels of dive that each has its own pleasures. To feel the cold Sungai Gabai Waterfall, visitors have to pay RM1.

Picnic and camping is a common activity undertaken visitors. Various basic amenities also include toilets, cots and food stalls.

2. Recreational Forest River Congkak

Equipped with facilities such as chalets, BBQ area, games area and changing rooms, picnic Congkak Recreational Forest River is quite enjoyable.

Surrounded by lush forests, fresh air always makes visitors want to come back to this river that flows clear.

With the price of RM1, River Forest Reserve Congkak is open to visit from 8am to 6pm. Visitors who want to stay in a chalet provided need to book in advance.

3. Mount Telapa

Located 28 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Gunung Liang is the highest peak in the State of Selangor, namely as high as 1,493 meters above sea level.

Thai mountain is a favorite destination of fans and natural challenges. Various flora and fauna that can be seen during the climb to the summit of Mount Liang.

Panorama presented also not quite fascinating and is not reflected in words.

4. Hot Springs

Located in a strategic location that is adjacent to the main road Hulu Langat, Hot Springs, Batu 15 1/2 Dusun Tua makes this a truly soak in the hot springs are quite exciting.

An interesting point about the hot springs, it is divided into two parts, both men and women. Thus, there will no discomfort if many visitors.

It is open daily from 7 am to 7.30 pm.

5. Viewing Tower

Night is the best time to visit this tower because when the visitor can see the light of Kuala Lumpur.

Located on a hill also makes the atmosphere cool and cold. The observation deck is also available campsites, food courts, garden birds, rest houses and others that provide comfort to the visitors.

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