Waterfall Cemerong Dungun

Waterfall Cemerong said is the highest waterfall in Asia. True or not I myself was not sure. That’s what I read and hear la. Niagara Cemerong located in Dungun area and close to the area of Kampung Pasir Raja. It is far kid to a Niagara Cemerong and you need to go through the woods and fields of palm oil. Although too much is not why because you will be tasted satisfaction when get there. You will be able to bathe with as much as he enjoyed permandangan green and comfortable air. Niagara Cemerong is one of the interesting places that you should visit when up in Dungun, Terengganu.


Oh ye .. reeds go to Dungun, do not forget to pay a visit to Tanjung Jara Beach. Experience the incredible experience to see the sun rise and sunset, while walking on soft sand golden interesting with a cold wind blowing gently. The beach is also an interesting location for a water slide, climbing boots, kayaking and diving.

This consolation Forest neighborhood first brought forward in 1993. The consolation Forest able to attract visitors from home and abroad kerana there are some features that are here as forests are still virgin with herbs naturally. Clean river with rapids and beautiful waterfalls and natural pools very appropriate to bathe and swim Samada-manda is be alone, family or friends.

Among other activity-activity that can be done by the visitors to this consolation forest is camping, merentas trail, hiking and bersiar-broadcasting.

Waterfall Forest

Consolation Chemerong offers visitors ari 305 meter high waterfall and is one of the highest in the country. Here too there are many areas with cold and crystal clear water suitable for bathing-manda or playing around water. Beauty semulajadi persekitaran area also adds to the cozy atmosphere and refreshing.


There are many large berkelah region and Glory in the forest area of this consolation for the purpose of resting. -Waqf endowments as well as benches and tables break perkelahan is attached at several locations for the convenience of visitors.


The visitors also be camping here. There are several areas perkhemahan equipped with easiness principles such as lodges cooking and lay demolished.

Forest trail

To the visitors who gemarkan challenge, they may merentas forest trail in the vast forests and beautiful original. They will be amazed by the natural beauty semulajadi contained here.


For simple recreation, pedestrian alleys and also concrete stairs are provided for the convenience of visitors bersiar-broadcasting in the forests of this consolation while enjoying the comfortable air.

Mountain Climbing

For those who love mountain climbing energetic activity. There is a trail to hike here. Berembun mountain that stands in Banjaran Titiwangsa willing to accept your challenge to climb. You will taste pretty tercabar with obstacles such as passageways semulajadi steep, climbing on top of the root wood and narrow alleys. Satisfaction that can be felt when at the peak of Mount which overlooks a pretty interesting.