Celebrate Wedding Anniversary at Hotel Grand Lexis Port Dickson

On 25 May ago I had the opportunity to holiday in Port Dickson. We have chosen the Hotel Grand Lexis, one of the most best hotel in Port Dickson for our accommodation. Thanks to Agoda for sponsoring our holiday this time that I book through Visa Wednesday.


Holiday vacation this time instead of the ordinary. It is also a holiday in conjunction with our wedding anniversary to 12. Thank God all the ups and downs and tests we explored together. I am grateful to my beloved wife because I can put up with the hassle so far. Understandably la I’m not a perfect husband. I collected a lot of shortcomings by the wife.

Grand Lexis existing gardens and swimming pool next to the house and in the yard fence a mistake I choose. This is because children’m really thrilled with this pool. So let this be their playing water till satisfied.

I do not worry pound their safety as it is by the pool tu sliding door only and can be seen from the house or room.

Furthermore, the time they water main tu la I can provide “valuable time” with his wife. Not always be like this romance without their interference.

It was as I expected. Meeting rooms are large. Two king size beds located on the end of a side by side. There is a sofa to relax. There is also the kitchen to prepare food for our stomachs bargained for. However, this is not part of the kitchen is a place to cook with fire. Maybe this is the security measures taken by this hotel.

The location of this hotel is just 2 miles from the town of Cobra. Many eateries and restaurants in the surrounding best-best if you choose not to eat in the hotel cafe.

We had breakfast at the hotel the next morning. Various prepared foods as breakfast menu. Can choose to dine in air conditioned places or in the open.

Finished breakfast was also kitorang stroll to enjoy the beach susana supposedly. But forget about your intention to be the same if it was our intention. There la a little beach that can be viewed. Cantiklah but not as beautiful as the New Pantai recent peaceful.

Before you check out and my children had also tried archery activities that are available there. No charges will apply. RM15 for 15 arrows if I’m not mistaken.

Other activities are also provided to visitors by the hotel are activities beach football, volleyball, cycling and a tricycle, fishing and diving.

So for those who want to relax with your family peace free from the bustle of the city, this hotel is ideal for you. 5-star status, the layout of the room (villa) very neat and peaceful soul. Worth RM670 for overnight, comfort and satisfaction that you will receive is worth it.

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