Gua Tempurung at Perak

Gua Tempurung Perak in their choice who likes challenging activities. According to the reference, from March to May, you can see hundreds of bats here because when this is their mating season. You can hear the sound of their big bats in the cave. You must be wondering how they can fly in the dark with a good, penghilatan Although bats have eyes but they have less natural sonar system that helps them to move.


If you love nature adventure, Gua Tempurong is a place that does not disappoint. Gua Tempurong has five very large dome that resembles a coconut shell (Rupa).


You have to crawl in the middle of the river and through the so-called River Cave Coulee and subsequently running about 1.6 km.
This trip is absolutely a fun adventure. My advice to those who want there to be a rugged wear long pants because you have to slide down the rock, crawl and possibly hurting your feet as well.

If you go to Perak, do not forget to visit here. One of the interesting places in Perak that you should visit.

IF Sarawak pride in the uniqueness and beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in the Mulu National Park, Perak also boasts an intriguing Tempurung Gua, located in the Valley of Tempurung, Gopeng, about 25 kilometers from Ipoh.
In fact, anyone who is facing north, the North-South Expressway (Plus) when it arrives in Gopeng, certainly saw the majestic Mount bold Tempurung on the left.

497 meter-high mountain Tempurung, which houses two caves also known as the Gua of Dairy by locals is built of limestone believed to be over 400 million years. Being in this cave allows you to view various `sculpture ‘interesting and unique so that no animal resembles a result of the formation of the natural water flow or scientific language called stalactites and stalagmites.

The height of the cave is 120 meters, while the estimated length of 1.9 kilometers (km) and there are about 1.6 km river flows in it known as River Gua Tempurung near ipoh.

It has five large domes. Each one has a ceiling that resembles a coconut shells vary in terms of stalagmites and stalactites, temperature and contents of marble with a dome just like a hotel lobby with high ceilings.

Five dome known as the Golden Mile Stream Council (Golden Flowstone), Hall Giant (Giant), the Tin Council (Tin Mine), the Board of Nature (Universe) and joined the Warriors lost to the Council (Fallen Warrior) and Battlefield (Battlefield).

In addition, there is also an area known as the Wind Tunnel, which makes visitors feel like being at the top of the mountain.

Scientifically, cold temperatures that result from the vaporization process of a clash of hot air outside the cave and the cold air in the cave so as to produce water vapor.

Meanwhile, at the location `Top of the World ‘also gives a view of most of this shell grotto. With a flashlight beam, various `incarnation ‘can be seen by the imagination of visitors.

Based on history, the cave was first identified in the map-Perak Malay Peninsula that were hatched in 1887 by spelling as `Hulu Tempoo Rong ‘.

Prior to 1935, tin mining activities in small scale ever done in the cave and during World War II around 1935 to 1945, it was once used as a shelter by the local population of Japanese occupation.

When the emergency period around 1948 to 1960, this cave became a hideout for communists. The proof can be seen through sketches and writing on the walls of caves believed to be members of the communist than any slogan, and lyrics that express hatred toward the Japanese.

In 1994, the government of Perak on the feasibility study and a year later did work to make the cave as a tourist destination with its official opening to visitors in 1997.

In fact, Gua Tempurung is the best destination in the peninsula to those who want to see the beauty, uniqueness and learn the process of forming a natural sculpture, either relaxing or participating in extreme expedition.

Gua expedition to explore the beauty of Tempurung took three hours and a half of traveling across just 4 kilometers and is divided into four types, namely Golden Flowstone expedition (dry place), Top Of The World (dry place), Top Of The World and Short River Adventure (wet areas ) and the Grand Tour (wet areas) with a time of visitation from 9 am to 4 pm, depending on the selected type of expedition.

It involves activities catwalk trip (trip dried in the platform) and a trip down the catwalk punctuated event streams.

How to get there
If using the North-South Highway, exit through the toll plaza serves and turn left towards Kampar. About five km from the toll plaza may be, will find the intersection and signs leading to the Gua Tempurung on the left. Distance from the junction with respect to the cave is about two miles.

Facilities available
1. Parking is ample near the entrance of the cave.
2. The outlets.
3. Convenience stores.
4. stalls selling handicrafts and souvenirs.
5. Toilets and changing rooms.
6. Prayer.
7. Ticket counters and lighting.

Admission fees
* For travel catwalk (dry ride in the platform), it involves a trip on sidewalks that takes 40 minutes to charge RM6 for adults, RM2.50 (kids), RM3 (seniors).
* Package Top of The World tour is a visit during one hour and 45 minutes to explore the interesting part in the cave with trips ranging up to the cave entrance to the station platform five (Giant Hall) with payment RM9 (adults), RM4.50 (children) and RM3 (seniors) that involves traveling down the catwalk and underground rivers (wet way).
* Package tours Top of The World & Short River Adventure was a challenging group activities in the course of a two hour and 30 minute journey covering 2.4 miles exploring the many winding paths, including along the creek at a cost of RM11 (adults), RM6 (children), RM6 (seniors).
* Package tours Grand Tour is the most challenging expedition group with a trip to walk 3.8 km up to the platform 10 before the challenge continues with activities along the creek that lasted for three hours and 30 minutes to charge RM22 (adults), RM11 (children) , RM6 (seniors).

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