Waterfall at Lepoh

Waterfall Lepoh remoteness Hulu Langat or more accurately the location is located in Lui, Hulu Langat, Selangor. There is also a call lepoh river waterfall. This charming place full of atmosphere of silence and tranquility. An easy way to get here is by the Cheras-Kajang highway. When you’ve got to Kajang, Hulu Langat looking signboard. Then please take Hulu Langat up to week 18. Then continue to travel miles to gentong pointing River Recreation Area Congkak..Lebih about 500m from the junction to Sg.Congkak, take the small road next to kiri.Jalan continue to find areas that quite roomy for parking your vehicle.


Challenge trekking begins from here. Distance trip to Waterfall approximately 4 km and takes about 1 hour 15 minutes. Besides Waterfall Lepoh, more waterfalls coalfield area that you can visit. Among them is the waterfall Sungai Gabai, who is also in close proximity to Waterfall Lepoh. Whatever form picnic Waterfall Lepoh Hulu Langat.

Saturday came again. Day often filled with exploring forest trails. Often, mountain peaks towering into the game. But this time the others were so choice. With friends, I chose to follow the route to Waterfall Lepoh located deep in the interior of Hulu Langat, Selangor full of silence and tranquility.

A mosque in Batu 14, Hulu Langat be a meeting of seven human. Small town was quite busy with farmers’ markets and streets crowded with a variety of vehicles. Heart so excited when respected group of high-powered motorcycles. Revving the engine alone is enough to make my heart incoherent. Maybe they want to test the agility to operate machinery worth tens of thousands of dollars mighty through winding roads like a snake touched the hammer towards the Hoboken in Negeri Sembilan.

Often imposed with me climbing in various top up as far as Mount Kinabalu in Sabah will be a signpost. We were boarding the train and van then left the mosque by taking several other locations along the road to Batu 18. The roads are busy with a number of vehicles turning towards Congkak Recreational Forest River, between the main picnic area here.

We proceeded before veering toward a narrow bitumen road. The road eventually leads us to a picnic and camping areas that have been developed in privately owned facilities. In addition to natural rapids flowing quite heavy, landlords also drain the water from the upstream side to form an artificial waterfall interesting. The area also received a touch of landscaping with a variety of ornamental plants and fruit trees.

Two other partners, namely Hamdan with his nephew followed. We started our journey in my hands when the clock showing 11am. The weather was hot, but we were lucky to walk the path of the umbrella tree canopy dense wood. We also cross the wooden bridge that spans a few rapids flowing winding.

Left and right of the narrow road that we were also confronted with a variety of lush fruit trees such as jackfruit, mangosteen and durian. In addition, trees that grow outward appearance rambutan and also looks shady. Although both the tree looks similar but not exactly the same. Fruit lie relatively less known in the market and leaves a thick skin is more tapered than the rambutan tree.

Young rubber trees also we encountered when tracing the route. The trees interspersed with cash crops such as bananas and vegetables. Walking in this area reminds me of when in the countryside. Neither North nor South, East or West well, such views are never forgotten. Greenery and tranquility that we feel can not describe with words, coupled with the presence of the green mountain ranges which also enliven the atmosphere.

Natural scenario we confronted changing slowly. Currently, there are no more trees planted garden with the natural monopolies. We started passing the forest area with trees towering timber. Thick canopy filter out most of the sunlight that shines bright. Everything is so gloomy and mysterious with various forms of flora that dominates the environment.

The length of iron pipe countless kilometers of water flowing into the downstream side also we encountered. Either way, if the structure is built, probably tens of years. Surface is smooth and rusty. Green moss also wraps around the pipe was cold and damp. A building whose walls are half stone and wood rest we also encountered. According Abod, the building was once a stopover workers who maintain an air lock which was built nearby. The building is now abandoned to rot alone with dirty interior with various rubbish. Many are also part of the structure chewed age, perhaps the building will fall down to worship the earth eventually.

Take a little trip meteoric area was finally stopped at a waterfall with a pool fence shallow bottom. We arrived Waterfall Lepoh after walking for an hour and a half. Quite many also have been there. Eyes focused on a group of photographers who were busy recording the image of a bikini clad model. They are so diligent with various brands of cameras while one of them was holding a piece of light reflectivity.

We rollicking soaking in a cold pool and breathtaking. Bee species Apis cerana and Apis dorsata many look at the waterfall it. Apis dorsata larger size known to many as tualang as is often found making nests on tree branches, known for its height it. Python, Python reticulatus also stole the attention. I do not miss the opportunity to capture images of animals that are often feared that berlengkar on a rock not far from where we showered.

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